Privacy Statement

This privacy statement explains how Andøya Space collect and process personal data.

Camera Surveillance
The areas of Andøya Space are camera monitored. The monitoring is mainly related to safety in various operations and campaigns.

Photos and Video
We reserve the right to take pictures, and in some cases video, from activities and campaigns at Andøya Space. Those affected will always have a verbal opportunity to not participate in photos or movies. We use photos and videos in news articles and for marketing purposes. The use of such material will occur according to agreements with our customers and partners.

Hotel Reservations
When reserving a hotel room at Andøya Space we may store some information such as name, accommodation time and other contact information in order to process and manage your reservation. Data is stored in accordance with the Accounting Act.

Andøya Space do not track your movement on our website through Google Analytics or similar software. Comments on news articles are disabled, and thus the only cookies we issue out belong to administrators of this site. For regular visitors the site will work even with browsers set to block cookies.

The website use encryption through https, and our web server stores its access logs for security purposes. Logs are stored and archived.

If you use our contact form on the website, we kindly ask for you to provide your name and e-mail address, but this is voluntary to use. The form data is not stored on our server. The form data is spam-filtered using Google reCaptcha version 3. You can read more about how this filter works at

Wireless Internet Access
Andøya Space offers wireless internet to our guests. To use this service, it is necessary for us to process some information about you including name and mobile number.