Meetings and minutes

UPCOMING: GCI M/LT workshop during CEDAR 2020
June 23rd, 1:30 to 3:30 PM at Eldorado Hotel and Spa.
Agenda TBD, but potential M/LT participants are requested to give a short presentation (5 mins). Focus on the importance of data sharing through the SIOS database will be one topic.

Updated Jan 30th
UPCOMING: GCI M/LT status Meeting during EGU 2020 in Vienna, Austria – SMI32

To reduce the need for travels for our European colleagues, we plan to arrange a GCI M/LT status meeting May 5th to allow us to update each other on the current status of the project development, plans and possible GCI M/LT related Projects in Europe. Agenda TBD, but potential M/LT participants are requested to give a short presentation about their plans for participation (5-10 mins).

Room: 0.51 (28 person capacity) at the EGU conference centre.
Meeting type: by invitation only

UPCOMING: GCI M/LT Meetings in Japan, February 17th to 20th 2020
A number of GCI M/LT related Meetings are planned with our Japanese colleagues during week 8.

* GCI M/LT tag-up, AGU Fall Meeting 2019

* GCI M/LT workshop, Essen, Germany June 18th 2019

* GCI M/LT initial Meeting at NASA Goddard SFC, April 25th 2019

* GCI Cusp data share workshop – CEDAR, June 24th 2018

* GCI Workgroup at NASA Hq – jan 7th 2018
Agenda items: Data sharing, communication strategy and public outreach

* Mission Initiation Conference (MIC) for Terrier Improved Malemute 46.018 (Koehler/U of Colorado/G-CHASER/Norway/Jan-2019) October 26th, NASA Wallops MIC Results Memo for 46.018 UO Koehler/G-Chaser/Norway/Jan 2019

* GCI Cusp tag-up in Visby. June 2017

* GCI Science Meeting – NASA Goddard SFC, March 16/17 2017

* G-CHASER Strategic Planning Meeting Only by invitation!
Sept 26th 2016 at Colorado Space Grant Consortium, University of Colorado at Boulder
Agenda: norway-agenda-rev-a

* Grand Challenge Initiative – General Meeting (incl G-CHASER)
June 21st 2016 – 2016 Joint CEDAR-GEM Workshop, Eldorado Hotel and Santa Fe Convention Center, 1:30 – 3:30 PM
– Prelim. agenda: link below
– CEDAR email: CEDAR/GEM workshop: Grand Challenge Initiative — Cusp

* Grand Challenge InitiativeOperations Planning Session
April 26th 2016 – Goddard Space Flight Center, 09:00 AM
– Minutes from this session:

* Grand Challenge InitiativeScience Planning Session
April 25th 2016 – Goddard Space Flight Center, 10:00 AM
– Minutes from this session:

* GCI Brainstorming – JAXA, Tokyo, Japan – Jan 13/14 2015