GCI M/LT student rocket – GHOST; NASA MIC completed 20.4 2023

The first, and probably the most important milestone in the GCI M/LT student rocket – GHOST, was reached on April 20th. The NASA Mission Initiation Conference (MIC) was conducted online with a whole range of participants from NASA wallops, NSROCK, Andøya Space, Tromsø Uni, Oslo Uni and more.

This meeting initiated the formal process regarding the upcoming student rocket mission as part of the Grand Challenge Initiative M/LT. It contains info and requests from both NASA, rocket PI (Chris Koehler) and the participants at the time. An outline of the meeting can be viewed in the below attachment:

One of the outcomes from the MIC is that this mission will have two CO-PIs: Chris Koehler and Kolbjørn Blix.

More info from the MIC will be added as soon as the minutes are received.