2021 CEDAR Workshop – Important Information

Dear friends and colleagues.

A few weeks ago we sent out a reminder for the upcoming GCI M/LT CEDAR workshop, June 22, 2021, 1000-1200 MST (1800-2000 CET). Back then we informed you that we’d send out a Zoom-link in due time before the workshop, but things have changed the recent days. The access to our workshop, a part of CEDAR 2021, will be handled by CEDAR. This due to the fact that all participants have to agree to the code of conduct which is a requirement by the CEDAR sponsor.

So we encourage you to take 5 min to register, and all the information will be sent to you by CEDAR. Everybody can register without any registration fee at https://cpaess.ucar.edu/2021-cedar-workshop

Info from the CEDAR organizers:

Dear CEDAR community:

The CEDAR workshop is coming up from 20-25 June, 2021.

Please register for the CEDAR workshop by going to the workshop website. There is no registration fee. 

The agenda is available on the workshop website

To contribute to the individual workshops please contact the workshop conveners.

Please check out the list of individual workshops or look at the agenda. 

CEDAR posters will be available for viewing closer to the event, and open for discussion in three poster sessions (Tuesday-Thursday)

Please consider signing up for student poster judging by sending an email to maute at ucar.edu. This is a great opportunity to interact with the students and provide feedback. 

We are looking forward to your participation in the CEDAR workshop.

If you have questions please contact us (maute at ucar.edu).

The Organizers